Our main strength is our infrastructure clubbed with qualified-committed staffs. We have sophisticated imported processing machines of Knitting, Dyeing, Printing, Embroidery and Garment washing supported with Cutting, Stitching, Ironing and Quality control machines.

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We knit using highly automated machines, which can create multifaceted knitted fabrics and Garments as per our customer needs. Our knitting process is capable to handling multi color yarns with a task of getting the fabric with perfection.


Machineries : Mayer & Cie, Pailung, Smart
Production : 5 tons/ per day
Utilisation : 3.5 tons / per day


We penetrate the pigments into yarn and fabrics to get the perfect colors which are matching with customer's needs.
In order to protect the environment, we honour the local laws of dyeing process and ensure proper disposal of dyeing wastages.


We have high-class dyeing machines supported with padding and dryer.

Production : 4 tons/ per day
Utilisation : 2.5 tons / per day


We have compacting facility wherein, knitting fabrics are systematically compacted in order to eliminate the shrinkage of garments. The compactor Tube-Tex is a machine with the latest technology in compacting industry with the State of the Art Technology.

We compact to - ensure quality & reduce shrinkage

Compactor : Tube-Tex
Production : 10 tons/ per day
Utilisation : 8 tons / per day


Our new cutting machine clubbed with CAD ensures the cutting process is done at a 100% perfection to fulfill the customer expectations. It reduces the wastage of fabrics. Our cutting machine is one of the leading branded machines in the world which reduces the garment process time substantially.

Cut with CAD design

  • For optimum utilisation of Fabrics.
  • To ease the stitching and finishing
  • To reduce the wastage Process

Machineries : MORGAN
Production capacity : 4 Lakhs garments per month
Utilisation : 2.75 lakhs per month


Our Embroidery machines are capable of handling any type of complicated designs and this value addition service is a backbone of our unit.

We refine and add value to our garments with

  • Embroidery of designs piercing into the garments
  • Much skillful design work.
  • The support of computerized designs.
  • 9 colours and 20 head machines

Machineries : Tajima & Barudan - 140 head
Production capacity : 6000 pcs/ p. day
Utilisation : 4500 pcs per day


We use printing materials of high quality, which are not harmful to health, and the materials are environment friendly. It preserves their characters for a longer period even after several washes. We dispose the printing wastages in a professional manner to preserve the nature for the future generations.

We print our quality on your garments with

  • Pigments
  • Plastisol
  • High density
  • Discharge
  • Flock and Glitter

Machineries : M & R – USA - 2 M/cs- Alpha and Challenger
Production : 15,000 PCS. Per day
Utilisation : 9,000 pcs per day.


We use imported stitching machines of Juki, Yamato, etc., to get perfection in our garments. Our continuous supervision by quality control department at each level of stitching enables us to optimize our production.

We stitch to exalt you with

  • T-shirts
  • Casual wears
  • Work wear
  • Other Garments

Machine capacity : 800 Machines
Production capacity : 2.5 lakh garments per month
Utilisation : 1.75 lakh per month